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Pictures and videos of our 50th reunion.


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In Memoriam

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My, how we have changed !
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Year book photo's

Please help us find these
lost classmates.
Lost Classmates
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Oldies but goodies!
Top 100 songs 1966

Prom Night 1966
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MVHS Veterans Page
Photo's in uniform.
Veterans "get together"
every May and November
Olive Garden, Danbury CT
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Classmate letters since reunions.

1 Mt. Vernonite in this group !



Carol Pratt, Carol Miller & Nancy Wolf

Recognize these beauties?

Reunion Photo's
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Mt. Vernon Day in Florida.
Every other year a Mt. Vernon Day
get together,
is held in Florida.
Normally around mid-March.

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 Phyllis Francese
7416 Granville Avenue
Boyton Beach, Fl 33437

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