Hi Roy,
A quick note from mid-stride.   I just viewed your photos this morning and momentarily got to re-live the thrill of our reunion.   I know you've received many thanks for all the work you've done, but allow me to weigh in with one more.   What a treat this has been and in large measure because of the work you've done assembling all the bits into something orderly.   It gives us all a chance to go back again to what was a wonderful experience and to be 18 for one more moment. 
It's a great gift at the holidays and one that keeps on giving as we go back again and again.  
All the best from Maine, David
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Received  12/22/2006

Web Masters Note:

Classmates: It's been a lot of fun and I look forward to keeping it up to date.  Any info a classmate
would like posted, just send me an e-mail.  The object here is to keep us all in contact, so the next
reunion (2011) we will not have such a difficult time tracking classmates down.

I expect to get more photo's in.   I just hope people can compress them before they send them to me.
Or else, send them to Mary Jane first.