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Hi, Wendy,
My college semester finally ended, and I have graded my last final exams, so I have a chance to breathe.  I wanted to belatedly thank you and the committee members with whom you worked so diligently for the benefit of all of us who graduated so very long ago but are young at heart and in spirit!  The reunion was a rousing success, and everyone has a wonderful time. Even my husband, a former New Jersey boy who didn't know a soul there, said that everyone with whom he spoke was so nice and so interesting and that he enjoyed himself immensely.  Mort Starobin shared a funny story that I had forgotten long ago about when he and I were in first grade and he gave me his mother's pearls for a present, and we had a good laugh about it. It brought back many pleasant memories of our happy childhoods.
All of you definitely deserve kudos for a job excellently done. You made many people very happy.
Lynn Rosenbaum Kerr-Willinski