Hello Classmates;

When Wendy first asked me if I could do web pages -- I said NO.   Then 1 hour later I had a basic web page posted,
kind of hoping someone else would pick up as making web pages is NOT my expertise. One thing led to another , which led to another , which led to another.

It has been fun most of the times.  Sometimes it got to be a little overwhelming.  Working with Sue, Wendy, Michele & Jane was kind of like having 4 extra wives. Can you change this? Can you add this? And of course from Wendy, you misspelled this! I wouldn't be surprised if she finds a misspelling in this lettter.

Of course, being a WEBMASTER  gave me a lot of POWER !  Wendy kind of "got to me" once, so I threatened to replace her photo with that of the Wicked Witch of the West!  She backed down :-)   Now that is POWER!

When I checked Bonita's web page which had a photo of her and her husband, the honey farmers.

by the way, I highly recomend their honey.

it reminded me of some other famous farmers in America.

If you have a business or personal web page, let me know it's web address for posting
on the "Web Pages of Interest" page.

Tracking down our classmates was a difficult part and a lot of credit has to be given to those on the committee who took that task.  Sue was great hosting the meetings and keeping us focused, Glenn did the mailings & I made the mailing labels & raffle tickets.  Connie was able to get some sponsors for the door prizes.  Larry, Skippy, Michele & Jane contributed a lot too.  Darrick was a great Master of Ceremony.  It was a pleasure working with all of them. 

Let's not forget "Lil" Diane Duncan Totino who used her GREAT political influence to get the Mayor's representative to attend the reunion, and read the Mayor's proclamation. And Mary Jane Cancro for fixing up many of the photo's and graphics.

I plan on keeping the web page active.  Updates will probably slow down after I post some of the photo's from the actual reunion.  If you have a business or personal web page, let me know and I'll add it to our "Web Pages of Interest" page.

I enjoyed the reunion tremendously.  Some of my classmates were from kinder garden at M.S. Graham School!  Talk about going back in time!  Some I did not even remember, but there was an immediate bond formed when we were introduce.

PLEASE:  Keep Wendy abreast of your contact information.  Continually try to find lost classmates, and keep us posted on those who pass away.

Roy H. Lewis