Those who served in the
United States Military


Vincent Aquilino
James (Jim) Arcuri
Porter Benjamin
Donna Chappeta Benichasa
Jeffrey B. Beringer
John DiVernieri
Thomas Fasano
David Fowler
Daniel Funicello
Paul Goldschlager
Michael Gregorio
Michael Q. Iannucci
Mark Kahn
Martin Kramer
Roy Lewis
Nikolaus Mawrenko
Douglas Pielli
Anthony Pisano
Joe Porcelli
Dennis Porpora
John Richardson
Anthony Russo
John Schappert
William Schauz
Barbara Small
Bruce Snyder
Al Spath
Julie Spina Swain

Some of the Veterans

If you know of any others from our class who served, please notify Roy or Wendy.

Photo's in uniform.
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